Japanese Import Specialists

As One of the UK's leading Japanese import specialists we have a huge range of Japanese imported vehicles available.

Or we can even source you the vehicle you want if we don't have what you want please contact us with your enquiry.

Our Stock

  • All our stock vehicles are hand picked by our experienced buying staff who reside in japan allowing us to ensure all our vehicles are in excellent condition.
  • Our stock vehicles are then inspected by a experienced inspector whilst in japan
  • Once vehicles are checked and ready, they will be shipped to us in the UK.
  • Upon arrival the vehicles are delivered to our dealership at which point we have them checked over again, fully UK converted and they will receive the first UK MOT.
  • After the MOT has been passed the vehicle is then advertised and ready for viewings.
  • Once a 50% deposit has been placed on a imported vehicle we will begin the First UK registration in the customers name allowing our customer to become the first and only UK registered keeper of the vehicle.